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2566 Plant for the Repair of Radio-Electronic Armament

The Republic Unitary Enterprise "2566 Plant for the Repair of Radio-Electronic Armament" is located in city Borisov, Republic Belarus. The plant is the leading enterprise in the CIS countries specializing in repair of electronic air defense equipment and other types of complex electronic weaponry.

Currently, the enterprise offers its customers high quality overhaul repair testing, maintenance and upgrading of air defense missile systems (power stations and distributing cabins). The enterprise is constantly mastering repairs of new types of arms and equipment. It cooperates with the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus and other leading scientific establish-ments of Belarus in the area of upgrading of the currently used types of arms, which enables to substantially improve their tactical and technical characteristics.

Borisov, the administrative center of region in the Minsk region, is one of the large industrial centers of republic Belarus. It occupies ae advantageous geographical position (on the main and railroads Moscow-Brest 70 kilometers northeast of Minsk) and it has a territory 45 sq. kilometers, and population is more than 160,000 people.

Powerful production base and organizational structure, basis of which compose production shops with the total area of 14,650 square meters equipped with the specialized equipment and with the park of instruments, production subdivisions, auxiliary services and divisions permit implementation of a qualitative repair of armament, military equipment and knots from their composition.

Republic Belarus', 222120, g. 
Borisov, Minskaya reg., 
ul.By l. Chalovskoy, 19
Tel./faks:(01777) 3-66-19 

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