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140 Repair Plant

At the Republic Unitary Enterprise "140 Repair Plant," the main flow of the repair of armored equipment is ensured by the presence of the block of shops with a summary production area of 19,650 square meters, where the technological lines of dismantling, assembling, testing, painting/color and assembly of armored technology and the specialized shops for the repair of housings, aggregates/units, armament, instruments of aiming and observation, electro are placed and special equipment of tanks and BMP. the repair of Diesel engines is carried out in the specialized housing with the separate test station.Shops are equipped with the special equipment, which makes it possible to carry out the repair of any completing aggregates/units and systems of contemporary tanks and BMP.

The mechanical shop is equipped with equipment for the carrying out of turning, milling, polishing works, electric arc, gas and argon-arc welding.Shop is arranged/located the sections:machine tools from CHPU, production of mechanical rubber goods, precise steel casting by the investment patterns, electrolytic platings (zincification, copper plating, chromium-plating, oxidizing and parkerizing of metals).

The activity of production ensures energy-mechanical division, which has available the mechanical service shop, which carries out assembly of bench equipment, adjustment and repair of the stock of machine tools in operation, and by tool shop, which makes nonstandard bench equipment, special rigging and tool, including:mold for the manufacture of mechanical rubber goods, foundry molds, dies/stamps for cold pressing.

Republic Belarus', 222120, g. 
Borisov, Minskaya reg., 
ul.By l. Chalovskoy, 19
Tel./faks:(01777) 3-66-19 

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