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Thales developed the Bushmaster family of protected mobility vehicles to meet the ADFs Project Bushranger requirements for a mine blast protected infantry mobility (armored patrol and combat support) vehicle. The Bushmaster family of high mobility protected vehicles continues to grow with new variants being developed to meet new and expanding roles. These vehicles have a very high level of commonality to minimise logistic support requirements. The newest variant is a protected flatbed logistics vehicle designed for combat support and logistics roles.

Thales has produced more than 500 Bushmasters for the ADF and other customers, and has expanded capacity at its Bendigo facility in Victoria. Thales has exported more than 100 Bushmasters and HMEVs from its Bendigo facility. These highly reliable vehicles have served with distinction in Afghanistan, Iraq and other theatres. Thales provides in-service support services for the ADF Bushmaster fleet, and also supports the international customer vehicle fleets, including the provision of operational support in Afghanistan and Kuwait through international industrial partners.

In addition to the Bushmaster, Thales has also developed and delivered its High Mobility Engineering Vehicle (HMEV) to the Australian Army, the US Army and other customers. The company has also developed protection enhancement kits for the HMEV and a wide range of military earth moving equipment, including bulldozers and graders.

The hull of the Bushmaster is completely of welded steel construction. The bottom of the vehicle is made of V-shaped highly stretchable plates specifically designed to absorb the pressure of an mine explosion. The Bushmaster has a pressure-safe reserve fuel tank that can hold approximately 19 l of fuel. If the main tank is damaged, the vehicle can still drive on the reserve fuel for approximately 50 km.

Several Bushmasters are equipped with interrogation arms for investigating suspect locations/objects more quickly and safely or to carry out identification following detection. The arm includes a camera and a metal detector and can be used for light excavation and movement work. These Bushmasters can locate improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and are used for counter-IED activities.

The Light Armoured Vehicle, Infantry Mobility Troop, FFR, MC2, Bushmaster is often referred to as the Infantry Mobility Troop Vehicle (IMTV).


Fuel Diesel
Turning radius 18.60 m
Max. slope 60%
Max driving range (road) 1,000 km
Max speed (road, forward) 120 km/h
Engine/ Propulsion Caterpillar 3126, 6 cylinder TD, 300 hp @ 2,400 rpm
Tank volume 340 litres
Number of tyres 4
Ground clearance (road) 0.40 m
Width (body) 2.50 m
Configuration 4x4
Weight (combat-loaded) 15,000 kg
Weight (empty) 12,500 kg
Height (overall) 3,256 m (top of wire cutters)
Height 2.65 m (top of mount)
Length (barrel forward) 7.183 m (includes spare wheel)
Length (hull) 7,087 m
Power-to-weight ratio 20 hp/tonne
Track width 2.10 m
Wheel base 3.90 m

 Bushmaster  Infantry Mobility Troop Vehicle (IMTV)  Bushmaster  Infantry Mobility Troop Vehicle (IMTV)  Bushmaster  Infantry Mobility Troop Vehicle (IMTV)  Bushmaster  Infantry Mobility Troop Vehicle (IMTV)

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