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Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares
Main Directorate of Defense Industries

Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares provided the majority of military materiels. The Ministry of Defense proceeded to exclude from its area of influence most of the companies declared subject to privatization. Subsequently, complying with Executive Decree No. 464/96, the Military Factories General Directorate was transferred to the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services, with the residual entities and establishments whose privatization had not yet taken place. Munitions remain under military control.

Fray Luis Beltrán Military Factory

Within the reorganization of the Service of Arsenals of the Argentine Army had by Decree of the 13 January of 1898, the Regional Arsenal of the Coast with seat in Borghi Port was created (Province of Santa Fe) that, by Decree of the 10 of February of 1917 Arsenal was denominated " San Lorenzo ". Its installation beginning the 3 of October of 1904; as annexed it were arranged to establish Planta there to produce, in small scale, the ammunition, fuzes and also other elements like horseshoes, paintings and lubricants.

In 1933 the extension of the factories of this Arsenal was undertaken, being in charge to Europe the machineries to produce small-arms ammunition. This Planta, whose creation was had the 27 September of 1933, had the character and the denomination of Small-arms ammunition Factory; the 24 of December of 1936 I let constitute an annex of the Arsenal to integrate organic, the Direction of You make the Military of the Argentine Army.

In 1939 the denominated Artillery ammunition Test facility was constituted in the Arsenal San Lorenzo of Borghi Port, with the intention of contributing to the warlike supplying but, specially, to train the personnel who had to serve in the plant that was constructed. The 9 of October of 1941 the DGFM is created and the 8 of October of 1943 Experimental Planta was transformed into Makes Artillery ammunition Military man " Borghi".

In later years modifications of organic and operative nature took place: 1950 both establishments that worked in Borghi Port were red-baptize like Military Factory of Cartridges " San Lorenzo " and Military Factory of Artillery " San Lorenzo "; 1º of April of 1955 both megred under the name of Military Factory " San Lorenzo ", that the 21 of April of 1961 replacement by present of Military Factory " Fray the Luis Beltrán". The industrial center arose on the base from the factories from the Army (Arsenal of Borghi Port) perpetual from 1961 the name and the memory from the mendocino priest, Lieutenant Colonel Ingeniero Fray Luis Beltrán. Today, this Military Factory, pride of that its origin gave him (Argentine Army) constitute an important industrial center.

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