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Costa Sur Transports

These general-purpose cargo ships are used for resupply of remote bases and in commercial service. B4 Bahia San Blas also served as an amphibious transport in the absence of any proper amphibious ships. As a result of the fire in the wheelhouse, the transport ship Baha San Blas (B4) joined the list of ships retired in 2014.

The "Baha San Blas" and "Beagle Channel" are the first ships of the Armada Argentina bearing this name, which conforms to the rules in force for transport type units which stipulates that carry the name of accidents geographical, channels, straits, etc., in Argentine waters. The three units were assigned to the current Naval Transport Service from 1978; its lanes are generally all the Patagonian coast and river ports, carrying various loads.

The "Baha San Blas" participated in the 1989 Antarctic operations and rescue preservation of contamination in the area of Port Arthur, after the collapse of polar transport ARA "Paradise Bay". In 1991, he participated during the Persian Gulf conflict, carrying relief items such as food, water, wheat, etc. In 1992 he brought back four of our Navy patrol boats that participated for the United Nations in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras.

The "Cape Horn, also joined in 1992 the peacekeeping force of the United Nations, to transport troops Yugoslavia Argentine Army. It is the second Navy ship of that name. The "Beagle Channel" transported patrol the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras boats and ship oil extracted ARA Bahia Paraiso, preventing marine pollution as its counterpart, the "Baha San Blas".

Name No. Built In Service
Canal Beagle B3 Ast. Prince, Menghi and Penco, Buenos Aires April 1978
Bahia San Blas B4 Ast. Prince, Menghi and Penco, Buenos Aires November 1978
Cabo de Hornos B5 Ast. Prince, Menghi and Penco, Buenos Aires July 1979

Displacement 10,894 tons. at full load, carrying 7,838 gross tons. and 6,800 tons of net amount. Cooling capacity 210 m3 chamber.
Dimensions 119.9 x 17.5 x 7.49 (mts).
Propulsion 2 motors Sulzer Diesel 6 ZL 40/48, 6400 HP, 2 propellers.
Speed 16.3 knots; economic 12 knots.
Crew 40 Men.
Capacity and transport
BAHIA SAN BLAS and CAPE HORN 1 pen 1.5 Tn; Three cranes "Liebherr", May 1 Tn, to hold No. 1 and 2 of 12.5 tons each, and wineries No. 2 and 3 (up to 25 tons in Gemini). High bulk 6,300 tons. Cargo volume 9856 m3.
BEAGLE CHANNEL Has some differences, has 2 pens 1.5 Tn. each. Three cranes "Liebherr", May 1 Tn. to hold No. 1 and 2 of 20 tons. each for wineries No. 2 and 3 that work in parallel up to 40 tons.

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