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Senegal - Political Parties

Alliance for the Republic-YakaarAPR-Yakaar Macky SALL
Alliance of Forces of ProgressAFP Moustapha NIASSE
And-Jef/African Party for Democracy and SocialismAJ/PADS Mamadou DIOP
And-Jef/African Party for Democracy and SocialismAJ/PADS-A Landing SAVANE
Bokk Gis Gis coalition Pape DIOP
Citizen Movement for National ReformMCRNBes Du Nakk
Democratic League-Labor Party MovementLD-MPT Mamadou NDOYE
Front for Socialism and Democracy/Benno JubelFSD/BJ Cheikh Abdoulaye Bamba DIEYE
Gainde Centrist BlocBGC Jean-Paul DIAS
Grand PartyGP Malick GACKOU
Independence and Labor PartyPIT Magatte THIAM
Jef-Jel Talla SYLLA
National Democratic RallyRND Madior DIOUF
Party for Truth and DevelopmentPVD Cheikh Ahmadou Kara MBAKE
People's Labor PartyPTP El Hadji DIOUF
Reform PartyPR Abdourahim AGNE
Republican Movement for Socialism and DemocracyMRSD
Rewmi Party Idrissa SECK
Senegalese Democratic PartyPDS Abdoulaye WADE
Socialist PartyPS Ousmane Tanor DIENG
Union for Democratic RenewalURD Djibo Leyti KA

The Commission Electorale Nationale Autonome (CENA), created in 2005, is the monitoring body that oversees the work of the election administration bodies to ensure they observe the electoral law and regulations. Presidential selection of CENA members has made it somewhat controversial, and in 2008, 58 percent of Senegalese trusted CENA only a little or not at all, as seen in the Afrobarometer results that year. There are approximately 200 parties in Senegal. The Charter of Democratic Governance of the 2008-2009 Assises Nationales proposed to modernize the party system and the electoral process, but this has yet to happen. Parties in Senegal are based on personalities and are so weak and fractious they have to enter into coalitions. Coalitions of parties have no ideological basis, and thus have difficulty agreeing on programs. This makes election results fluid.

Senegal’s principal political party was for 40 years the Socialist Party (PS). Its domination of political life came to an end in March 2000, when Wade, the leader of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) and leader of the opposition for more than 25 years, won the presidency. The Socialist Party dominated the National Assembly until April 2001, when in free and fair legislative elections President Wade’s coalition won a majority (89 of 120 seats).

Alliance for the Republic (Alliance Pour la République) was founded in December 2008 by Macky SALL, with the main members of the supporters of the former Democratic Party Nezal. The program is to maintain the values of republicanism, to carry out democracy in the end, the interests of the people of the people as the center of action, proverbs is labor - unity - dignity. Saler served as chairman of the party and was elected president in March 2012.

Alliance des Forces de Progrès was formed by some members of the former Socialist Party in August 1999, advocated the establishment of democratic politics, relying on political means to maintain social stability. General Secretary for the National Assembly Speaker Nias. The 2012 presidential election is the second round of alliance with Saler.

Senegal Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste du Sénégal) members number 1.2 million people. Formerly known as the Senegalese Democracy Group, in 1958 with the Senegalese Action Social Party merged into the Senegal Progressive Alliance, and in December 1976 changed its name. The program is the implementation of "democratic socialism", that is, while preserving African identity, the establishment of an open, democratic and humanitarian society. The President is former President Abdou Diouf and General Secretary Ousmane Tanor Dieng.

Democratic Party of Senegal (Parti Démocratique Sénégalais) was founded by Wade July 31, 1974. In the sense of justice, dignity and love for the motto, the purpose is through democratic means to establish a democratic, socialist and all-round development of society. In March 2000 the party candidate Wade won the presidential election and reelected in February 2007. In the 2012 presidential election, Wade defeated, the Democratic Party became the main opposition party. After the tile announced the dissolution of the original presidential league, the Democratic Party alone participated in the July 2012 legislative elections.

In addition, there are African countries for the Democratic and Socialist Party, the National Party, the Democratic Revival Union, the Independent Labor Party, the Democratic Union (formerly the Democratic Union - for the Labor Party movement, in December 2008 changed to the present name), the revival of the Civic Party, Senegalese Republican Movement, the African Independent Party, the Senegalese Democracy Coalition (Innovation), the Senegalese Republican Party, the Senegalese African Ecologist Party, the Democratic and Federal Coalition. In May 2010, former Foreign Minister Gadio set up a "civil political movement".

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