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Malawi - President

Vice President Joyce Banda [aka JB] became President following Bingu wa Mutharika's death. The president had refused to endorse Banda as his partys presidential candidate in 2014, instead opting for his brother Peter Mutharika. Tensions arose over the presidents plans to name Peter Mutharika as the party successor over the sitting vice-president, Joyce Banda. A female member of parliament, Anita Kalinde, was assaulted, in public, by Mutharikas supporters for supporting Vice-President Banda but no arrests were made. The Vice-President was later fired from the DPP and launched her party, the People Party PP. Some people in DPP resigned over the dismissal of the Vice-President. According to the Malawi Laws, Joyce Banda still remains the countrys Vice-President although she was fired from the DPP.

Banda is a womens rights activist, who once served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2009. Her marriage to Roy Kachele ended in 1981. She is now married to Richard Banda, retired Chief Justice of the Republic of Malawi. Joyce Banda entered politics in 1999. She won a parliamentary seat in Malawis third democratic election as a member of president Bakili Muluzis party. She represented the Zomba-Malosa constituency. Muluzi appointed her minister for Gender and Community Services. As minister, she fought to enact the Domestic Violence Bill, which had failed for seven years.

Banda left the country soon after losing the 2014 general elections to the incumbent President Peter Mutharika.

Former Malawi President Joyce Banda was earmarked as guest of honour at this year's 13th Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) Sponsors Night scheduled to take place on 04 May 2017 at Landmark Events Centre, Oniru in Nigeria. The former Malawi president has a good relationship with AMAA as she also hosted Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) Nominations Party on March 16th 2013 in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe. In April 2017 police arrested a sister to former President Joyce Banda in connection to the fake letter that claims that Vice President Saulos Chilima will resign. Bandas sister, Cecilia Kumpukwe, was accused of taking part in forging the letter which was presented as if it was authored by Chilima.

In April 2017 Banda, who is the founder and leader of the opposition Peoples Party (PP), assured Malawians that she is coming back home this year, without failure. Banda said this speaking to her supporters through a recorded audio that she shared via the internet. She however, accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for failing Malawians. According to Banda, the ruling DPP has mismanaged a lot of government resources, but put the blame on her party as the cause for the countrys economic crisis. Until she returns to galvanize her party, PP will continue to be rudderless and bleed membership.

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