AC Collier

No. NameLengthBeamDisplacementComissionedBuilderNotes
Spanish American War
Saturn297'1"40'5"4,840 t. 11 Apr 1898 Harlan Reclassified AG-4
Merrimac 3,362 t. 12 Apr 1898 New Castle [UK]
Justin287'6"39" 1,419 t.27 Apr 1898 Dixon [UK]
Southery288'38'10" 3,100 t.02 May 1898Thompson [UK] Reclassified IX-26
AC-16Caesar322'1"43'11"5,920 t.13 May 1898 Ropner [UK]
AC-13Abarenda325'642'6,680 t. 20 May 1898Edwards [UK]Reclassified AG-14
Leonidas264'3"39'3"4,264 t.21 May 1898Austin [UK]Reclassified Surveying Ship
AC-14Ajax387'6"46'6"9,250 t.21 May 1898Henderson [UK] ex Scindia Reclassified AG-15
AC-15Brutus332'6"41'6"6,550 t.27 May 1898Readhead [UK]
Hannibal274'1"39'2" 4,000 t.07 Jun 1898 Blumer [UK]Reclassified AG-1
AC-5Vulcan403'63'11,250 t.02 Oct 1909Sparrows Point
AC-6Mars403'63' 11,250 t.26 Aug 1909Sparrows Point
AC-7Hector403'63'11,230 t. 22 Oc 1909Sparrows Point
AC-1Vestal 465'9"60'1"12,585 t.04 Oct 1909 New York NSY Redesignated AR-4
AC-2Ontario466'4"60'2"8,940 t. 15 Jan 1910 Mare Island NSYReclassified Prometheus AR-3
AC-4Cyclops522'63'19,360 t.07 Nov 1910Cramp
AC-9Proteus522'63'19,000 t. 9 Jul 1913Newport News
AC-10Nereus522'62'19,081 t. 10 Sep 1913 Newport News
AC-11Orion536'65'19,132 t.29 Jul 1912Sparrows Point
AC-12Jason536'65'19,250 t.26 June 1913Sparrows Point Reclassified AV-2
AC-3Jupiter542'65'19,360 t.07 Apr 1913 Mare Island NSY Reclassified Langley CV-1 later as AV-3
AC-8Neptune542'65'19,375 t.7 Dec 1914 Sparrows Point
World War I
Quincy367'51';6,500 t.2 Feb 1918Doxford [UK] Reclassified AK-10

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