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M2 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM)

DESCRIPTION. SLAM is an anti-materiel and anti-vehicular (through light armor such as a BMP) munition that is light, compact, effective, and readily usable by Special Operation Forces (SOF) units to destroy enemy vehicles, parked aircraft, and ammunition and petroleum sites while avoiding direct contact with the enemy. The SLAM will have four possible methods of detonation: detonating with a mine function, trip-wire, command detonation function, and a time-delay function (integral timer). The SLAM will replace, for SOF units only, the M-15, M-19, and M-21 mines in the current inventory and augment or replace designated special purpose munitions

STATUS. Alliant Techsystem Inc., formerly Honeywell, was awarded the contract for full scale development in March of 1990.

EMPLOYMENT CONCEPT. This munition will be employed primarily by SOF forces. It will be used to support hit-and-run, ambush, and harassing, and urban warface missions. SLAM will also be employed by Light Combat Engineers and Rangers where missions warrant the use of such a device. SLAM supports the Special Operational Forces in their mission to destroy/delay/disrupt/enemy forces and their support efforts, far forward of the FLOT, while avoiding direct enemy contact. SLAM is lightweight, lethal, easily emplaced, and can be carried in the quantity necessary to neutralize a broad range of targets. BASIS of ISSUE. SLAM will be an ammunition (Class V) item.

The Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM) is an anti-materiel and anti-vehicular handheld device used to destroy enemy vehicles, parked aircraft, ammunition sites, storage facilities and other small targets without direct contact with the enemy. Developed for the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army Engineer School, MANSCEN, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, SLAM supports their missions to destroy, delay or disrupt enemy forces far forward of the Forward Line of Own Troops (FLOT). SLAM's multiple fuzing modes increase its effectiveness against hard- and soft-armored vehicles, and other targets.

Operational modes are:

  • Bottom attack - Munition fuzes on target vehicle's magnetic signature and fires up into the belly of the vehicle
  • Side attack - Munition fuzes on target vehicle's infrared signature and fires into the side of the vehicle
  • Time demolition - Munition detonates at user-selected time
  • Operator initiated - Munition sets off using standard Army blasting caps or time-delay firing device

Because SLAM is lightweight (2.2 pounds), lethal, easily emplaced and can be carried in quantity, it is used to neutralize a broad range of battlefield targets. Its Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) warhead gives SLAM the capability to engage targets at close range or at a standoff distance of up to 8 meters. Additional features include a single eight-position selector switch that provides all required mode and option settings that provides simple, error-free initiation sequence.


Weight:   - 2.2 lb
Size: Length - 5.2 in
  Width - 3.5 in
  Depth - 2.2 in

  • Four operational modes including:
    - Mine - Target overpass, magnetic influence
    - Side Attack - Target side pass, thermal differential influence
    - Timed Demolition - Preset set time
    - Command Detonation - Operator input to blasting cap
  • Safe and Arming: Satisfies MIL-STD-1316C

  • Lethality:
    - 20mm RHA at 5 inches to 20 inches standoff
    - 40mm RHA at 25 ft standoff
  • Waterproofness:
    - 2 meters bare
    - 65 feet in Reusable Environment Protective Pack
  • NBC Survivability: Satisfied
  • E3: Satisfies Army, Navy and SOF specific requirements

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