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MQM-74 Chukar

BGM-74The BQM-74E Aerial Target is a recoverable, remote controlled, subsonic aerial target, capable of speeds up to Mach 0.86 and altitudes from 7.0 to 40,000 ft. The BQM-74E is propelled during flight by a single J400-WR-404 turbojet engine, which produces 240 pounds of thrust, at full throttle, at sea level. The BQM-74E is launched from a zero length ground launcher utilizing dual Jet Assisted Takeoff (JATO) bottles. When equipped with an air launch kit, the BQM-74E can be air launched from an F-16, Gulfstream (G-1) or DC-130A aircraft. Since 1968, the MQM/BQM-74 series of aerial targets has been the workhorse of the Navy's subsonic aerial target inventory. Due to its exceptional performance and mission reliability, the BQM-74E has provided over 80 percent of all U.S. Navy target presentations.

The airframe weight is 175 lb while the average unit airframe cost for a lot of 200 in FY 79 dollars is $22,500. With continuous production of 800 units having been produced prior to this lot, the lot range associated with the $22,500 unit price extended from unit 801 through unit 1000. Utilizing this data, an inflation adjustment factor of 0.8202, and an assumed learning slope of 87.4 percent, the average unit production cost of $23,864 was calculated for the first 700 units.

The BQM-74E is a high fidelity subsonic, subscale, jet-powered aerial target capable of being launched from land-based, shipboard, or airborne platforms. It is a highly maneuverable and flexible platform used to replicate enemy cruise missiles and aircraft for fleet training, and to test and evaluate anti-ship and anti-aircraft defensive weapons systems. It is routinely employed from remote fixed land sites and during deployed open ocean operations.

The BQM-74E is a turbojet-powered aerial target with high performance capabilities. While emulation of enemy anti-ship cruise missiles is the primary mission; others include simulation of aircraft for training naval aviators in air-to-air combat and support of the test and evaluation of new weapon systems. The BQM-74E and its ground support system are highly portable. This attribute enables shipboard operations in support of deployed naval combatants where maximum flexibility and rapid turnaround are required.

The BQM-74E can carry a variety of internal and wing tip-mounted payloads in support of mission requirements. Payloads include passive and active radar augmentation, infrared (IR) flares, electronic countermeasures (ECM), seeker simulators, scoring, IFF, and dual wing tip-mounted tow bodies. The Integrated Avionics Unit, with its integral Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Air Data Computer, and Global Position System (GPS), provides a highly accurate navigation solution. Recently incorporated Low Altitude Control Enhancement (LACE II) software allows the vehicle to perform complex, programmable, 3-dimensional maneuvers and operate down to altitudes of 7 feet.

The BQM-74E can be used with multiple command and control systems, including the Integrated Target Control System (ITCS), Multiple Aircraft GPS Integrated Command Control (MAGIC2), Vega, and System for Naval Target Control (SNTC). It can be employed in either a manual mode or a pre-programmed (hands off) mode.

On Feb. 18, 2009 Northrop Grumman was awarded a $49 million modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of 160 BQM-74E Aerial Targets and associated technical data for the U.S. Navy. Work is expected to be completed by May 2011. "With this award, Northrop Grumman will continue to supply the Navy with a mature, affordable, reliable and versatile product for the weapons evaluation and training of sailors and airmen," said Doug Fronius, director of Tactical Unmanned Systems for Northrop Grumman's Aerospace Systems sector.

Length 155.47 inches
Wingspan 69.4 inches
Weight 270.96 pounds
Speed 513 KTAS (min alt) surface launch; 490 KTAS (min alt) air launch
Manufacturer Northrop
Type UAV
Crew 0
Date of the flight 1965
Drive jet engine Williams J400-WR-404
series 1.1 kN
Range 1,76 m
Length 3,94 m
Height 0.71 m
Mass Own 123 kg
Starting 249 kg
Speed max. 972 km / h
Ceiling 12 000 m
Longevity of flight 1 h 8 min.
BGM-74 BGM-74 BGM-74 BGM-74 BGM-74

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