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Mk 7 and Mods Bomb Dispenser

The cargo section of the Mk 7 Mod 2 bomb dispenser is the main structure of the weapon and contains the bombs/bomblets. A nose fairing is attached to the forward end of the cargo section for aerodynamics and fuze installation. It has an observation window for viewing the safe/arm indicator on the installed fuze. The mechanical time fuze Mk 339 Mod 0 is installed in the nose fairing and is protected during ground handling by the fuze cover assembly. The dispenser has two linear-shaped charges secured longitudinally inside the walls. When initiated, these shaped charges cut the dispenser in half, from front to rear, and the bombs/bomblets spread in free-fall trajectories.

To stabilize the weapon after release from the aircraft, a tail cone assembly is attached to the aft end of the cargo section. The tail cone assembly houses four, spring-actuated folding fins. The fins are spring-loaded to the open position and secured in the closed position during ground handling by a fin release-band assembly.

The fin release band is secured in the closed position by a safety cotter pin and by the fin release wire.

The explosive content of the weapon is indicated by a yellow band around the forward end of the cargo section.

The Mk 7 Mods 3,4, and 6 bomb dispensers differ from the Mk 7 Mod 2, but the physical appearance of the dispenser remains basically the same. The most significant change incorporated on Mod 3 and later Mods is the Mk 339 Mod 1 fuze, which provides the pilot with in-flight selection of the fuze function time.

The Mk 7 Mod 4 bomb dispenser differs from the Mk 7 Mod 3 by modifying the dispenser and giving interface capabilities with a wider range of military aircraft. The Mk 7 Mod 6 bomb dispenser is the same as the Mk 7 Mod 3 except that the outside of the Mod 6 cargo section is coated with a thermal protective coating and has an additional yellow band around the forward end of the cargo section. The addition of the thermal coating increases the overall weight of the Mod 6 to 505 pounds.

Weight: pounds
Length: inches
Diameter: inches

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