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Mk 118 Antitank Bomblet

The antitank bomb Mk 118 Mod 0 consists of a Mk 1 Mod 0 fuzing system, a shaped-charge warhead, and fixed stabilizing fins. It is loaded in the Mk 20 Mods 2 and 3 bomb clusters only. In the antitank bomb Mk 118 Mod 1, the fuzing system is a Mk 1 Mod 1, and the bombs are loaded in the Mk 20 Mods 4 and 6 bomb clusters only.

When the Mk 20 bomb cluster is released from the aircraft, the arming wires (primary and/or optional arming) are pulled sufficiently to arm the Mk 339 fuze and release the fins. The positive armed fin release arming wire frees the fin release band, and the movable fins snap open by spring-force.

When the primary fuze arming wire is withdrawn from the Mk 339 Mod 0 fuze, the fuze will function after a 1.2-second (primary) or 4.0-second (option) delay, depending upon which setting was set in the fuze during weapon preparation. Functioning of the fuze initiates the linear-shaped charges in the dispenser; they cut the dispenser case in half, and disperse the bombs/bomblets. If the MK 339 Mod 1 fuze is used and only the primary fuze arming wire is pulled, the fuze will function 1.2 seconds after the arming wire has been extracted. If the pilot selects the option time (4.0 seconds), both the primary and option arming wires must be pulled. If the pilot selects the option time and the primary arming wire is not pulled, the fuze will be a dud.

When the Mk 118 bomb separates from the dispenser case, the base fuze arming vane rotates and the fuze is armed. If the bomb strikes a hard target, such as concrete or armor, the electric detonator ignites the shaped-charge warhead immediately. If the bomb strikes a soft target, such as earth or sandbag, the bomb penetrates the targets until deceleration lets the inertia firing pin strike and initiate the stab detonator, causing warhead denotation.

Weight: pounds
Length: inches
Diameter: inches

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