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XM827 120mm, APFSDS-T

Although the U.S.-made XM827 kinetic energy rounds with depleted uranium cores successfully passed accuracy and armor penetration tests, the Army decided not to produce them but to concentrate on the XM829 round. The M829 replaced the XM827 (the American analog of the German DM 13), which was the initial APFSDS-T round. The program included the development and testing of four rounds: Target Practice (M831), High Explosive (M830), Armor Piercing (XM827), and Target Practice (M865). The EA incorporates all of the previous supporting studies on the M829 round (e.g., the radiological and hazard classification of the metal and wooden shipping containers). The conclusion of the EA was a "Finding of No Significant Impact" for the design, production, test and evaluation, deployment, and demilitarization of the M829.

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