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M760 Projectile, 105MM

Army 105mm howitzer cartridges are semi-fixed and fired from rifled howitzers. A complete service round consists of a projectile, fuze, cartridge case with primer and propelling charge. Cartridges are issued fuzed or unfuzed.

Handle high explosive projectiles M1 and M760 carefully. They are susceptible to sustaining non-visible cracks on nose or ogive area if dropped or struck against a hard surface. Potential for cracking increases greatly when temperature drops below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Projectiles dropped onto hard surface during course of inspection, or suspected of having been dropped due to visible damage, should be segregated and assigned an unserviceable condition code.

The M2 propellant is a single increment, charge 8 (4.25 LB of multi-perforated propellant). It is fired with the M119 howitzer only and can be fired with the M760 (TNT) filled projectile, as well as the M915 DPICM projectile. The final review of DA Pam 350-38 Standards in Weapons Training (STRAC) was completed on 28 February 1996. The Chief of Staff of the Army approved one STRAC increase providing all M119A1 units two M760 extended-range rounds per tube per year. This increase was incorporated in the new DA Pam 350-38 to be dated 1 October 1997.

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