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XM590E1 90-mm Canister, Antipersonnel

The 90-mm canister, antipersonnel recoilless rifle round is designed for close-in defense against massed attacks or assaults on personnel positions. The canister consists of a thin-walled, deep-drawn, scored aluminum body which contains a payload of 2400 eight-grain, low-drag, fin-stabilized, steel-wire fragments called flechettes. The complete cartridge weights approximately 6.79 pounds. The projectile weights approximately 3.97 pounds and has a muzzle velocity of approximately 1250 feet per second.

The aluminum cartridge case (M112) is 16.29 inches long and weights 1.0 pounds. A flange at the base contains a plastic rupture disc that obstructs the gas flow during the early stages of propellent combustion. When the propellant is ignited, the rotating band on the base traps the propellent gases, building up an internal pressure which bleeds through the holes in the base. The built-up pressure bursts the body with the payload from the case when the canister leaves the rifle. The scored aluminum body strips back and the eight-grain flechettes are released, dispersing in a cone angle of approximatley 8 degrees.

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