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M5 Modular Crowd Control Munition

The M5 Modular Crowd Control Munition (MCCM) is a non-lethal munition used to incapacitate large group of personnel with the Flash Bang and Impact of rubber balls. It can be deployed by mounted or dismounted troops and provides a visual deterrent due to similarity in appearance to the M18A1 Claymore munition. The MCCM can be fired singularly or in a group and has an effective range of 5 to 30 meters with a 60 degree coverage.

The Modular Crowd Control Munition is similar in operation to a claymore mine, but it delivers nonlethal effects to the threat by delivering a strong, nonpenetrating blow to the body with multiple submunitions (600 rubber balls). This round has a wide range of capabilities for tactical, law enforcement, I/R, and US military detention operations. In crowd control, it provides a nonlethal counterpersonnel capability that can be used to break contact, enforce a buffer zone (standoff distance), or demonstrate a show of force. This round is designed to be fired at the center mass of adult threats at ranges of 5 to 15 meters. It has a shot arc covering between 60 to 80 degrees (laterally).

The MCCM will be utilized in the ground employment. In the ground employment mode it will increase fixed site and area security capabilities against potentially hostile forces without the sole reliance of the application of deadly force and will be used by military forces to apply the minimum force necessary while performing missions of and site and area security of key facilities. The MCCM is intended to be a direct fire, low hazard munition that produces an N-L effect upon impact by incapacitating personnel through robust flash-bang and stinging plastic balls. The MCCM uses 600 PVC balls (32 caliber) set in a two-layer matrix of inert binder chemically similar to children's "glow-dough". Sheet explosive of .042" thickness is used as the propellant. The sheet is sandwiched in-between the ball matrix and a polyethylene foam layer. The balls are launched in a fan shaped distribution pattern with a maximum effective range of 15 meters. The MCCM outside characteristics are similar to that of the M18A1 lethal Claymore with the exception of the back cover which has molded raised diamonds for tactile discrimination by troops wearing work gloves, and/or in MOPP level IV and is a different color (light green). The MCCM is initiated using a blasting cap assembly and initiator supplied in the bandoleer.

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