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LUU-19 Flare

The LUU-19 is the IR-spectrum variant of the LUU-2 paraflare currently deployed by F-14's from ITER's. The LUU-19 has the same physical dimensions as LUU-2, and provides IR illumination of the target area for NVG-capable attack aircraft. The LUU-19 flare is the latest in a series of infrared flares introduced by Thiokol for covert target illumination and rescue missions. Designated as a multi service flare by United States military forces, the LUU-19 incorporates improvements and modifications that further enhance its performance and reliability.

The LUU-19 flare is compatible with all standard flare launching systems used on helicopter, cargo, and fighter aircraft. It can be deployed from LAU-74 cargo aircraft launchers, aircraft wing-mounted racks, and the SUU-25, 42, and 44 series launchers. It can also be hand launched from aircraft. A key feature of the LUU-19 is the wavelength of illumination. The LUU-19 has been developed to illuminate in the near infrared region of the spectrum. This enhances dramatically the capability of the military's night vision devices used for covert night operations while eliminating the bright illumination that radiates from other flares.

  Weight:  33lb (14.9 kg)
 Length: 25.5 in. (64.8 cm)
 Diameter: 4.87 in. (12.4 cm)
 Infrared Output: 1200 watts/Steradian
 Burn Time: 420 sec/7 min
 Descent Rate:  9ft/sec (2.74 m/sec)
 User:  U.S. Air Force/International

Ground Illumination Pattern

Ground Illumination Pattern

Near Infrared Illumination of LUU-19 at 5,000 Feet AGL

Illumination Energy
(Watts/sq. meter)

Initial Flare Intensity

Diameter of Ground Illumination

 2.33x10 (-4)



LUU-19 Illumination Flare


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