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LIM-99 / LIM-100

On 27 October 1972, the U.S. Army reserved the designations XLIM-99A and XLIM-100A for unidentified missiles. No further details are available, and the reservation was not followed by a formal request for nomenclature allocation. The reserved XLIM-99A designation was possibly not used in order to avoid confusion with the pre-1963 IM-99A designation of the CIM-10 Bomarc missile. According to some sources, the LIM-100 designation was not used to avoid confusion with target drone conversions of surplus F-100 fighters.

The "XLIM"-prefix (Expermental Silo-Launched Interceptor Missile) indicates the U.S. Army's anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program of the early 1970s. Apart from the LIM-49 Spartan and Sprint interceptors, which became briefly operational in 1975, there were also a number of experimental and projected missiles, including HIBEX, Squirt and Sprint II.

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