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CBU-87/B Combined Effects Munitions (CEM)

Contractor Aerojet General / Honeywell
Weight: 950 pounds
Length: 92 inches
Diameter: 15.6 inches
Guidance: None
Control: Spin [6 selections]
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None
Warhead: 202 BLU-97/B Combined Effects Bomb (CEB)
anti-personnel / anti-materiel
shaped-charge fragmentation & incendiary
Fuse: Integral part of dispenser
12 time selections
FZU-39/B proximity sensor
10 height-of-burst selections
Aircraft 6 F-4
4 F-16
8 F-111
4 A-7
4 A-10
30 B-52
Unit Cost
List Price
$13,941 [$ FY90]

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