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CBU-75 Sadeye

The CBU-75 Sadeye is a cluster bomb unit filled with 1,800 one- pound bomblets such as the BLU-26. This submunition is a cast steel shell with aerodynamic vanes and 0.7 pound of TNT in which 600 razor-sharp steel shards are imbedded. The BLU-26 can be equipped with fuses to explode upon impact, several yards above ground, or some time after landing. It is lethal up to about 40 feet. The CBU-75 has a total lethal area more than double that of a standard 2,000-pound bomb, the equivalent of 157 football fields.

GBU-2/B / CBU-75/B

An antenna system was developed for the FMU-105A/B Guided Cluster Bomb Proximity Fuze for use on the GBU-1/B, GBU-2/B and Guided SUU-S1 munitions. The FMU-105A/B is a modification of the FMU-56C/B Proximity Fuze to provide a proximity fuzing capability for laser guided cluster munitions. The system which is self-contained is activated through lanyard initiation and provides an explosive output at the preset height-of-burst. The program was performed in two major phases: a vibration probe and a reliability demonstration test. The vibration probe phase consisted of system evaluation of the FMU-105A/B electronics assembly while operating in various levels of sinusoidal and random vibration. The reliability demonstration test phase was used to verify that normal system operation was obtainable when the systems were operated within the vibration environment established in the vibration probe phase of the program.

Weight: pounds
Length: inches
Diameter: inches
Guidance: None
Control: None
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None

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