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The AQM-38 was a US military drone, developed in the year 1959 by Northrop Corporation. The unmanned aerial vehicle AQM-38 was designed exclusively for military use, in particular, the drone was supposed to be used as aerial targets, operated mainly for testing measures for air defense, test new weapons systems, training military personnel and others. In spite of the relatively narrow in scope, the Northrop AQM-38 was quite popular - during the entire production Northrop created over two thousand copies of the UAV.

The first flight tests of the AQM-38 were held in 1959, and due to the fact that the device has successfully coped with the task, the project was continued, in particular, production of these aircraft was established. Operation of unmanned drones target was fought the US military command until the middle of 1970s, which again underscores the high status of these devices.

The AQM-38 was of small size - with its length in 2.95 meters, the drone had a wingspan in 1,5 meters. The AQM-38 was equipped with a solid-fuel propulsion rocket type, brand AeroJet 530NS35, creating traction in 0,16 kN, which allows drone to reach a maximum speed of flight in 920 km/h., While the maximum range of flight of the UAV was 150 kilometers.

Length 2,95 m
Wingspan 1,5 m
Height 0,46 m
Maximum takeoff weight 140 kg
Cruising flight speed 800 km/h
Maximum flight speed 920 km/h
Maximum flight distance 150 km
Maximum flight height 18000 m
aircraft engine Type rocket
Powerplant AeroJet 530NS35
Power 0,16 kN

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