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Primary Function: Air-to-surface guided and powered bomb
Mission Offensive counter air, close air support/interdiction, suppression of enemy air defenses, naval anti-surface warfare
Targets Fixed hard, fixed soft
Service Air Force
Contractor: Rockwell International Corp.
Thrust: Classified
Length: 12 feet, 10.5 inches (3.90 meters)
Launch Weight: 2,917 pounds (1,312.65 kilograms)
Diameter (in.)15/18 (bomb); 9 (rocket motor)
Wingspan: 59 inches (149.86 centimeters)
Range: more than 40 miles
Ceiling: 30,000-plus feet (9,091 meters)
Speed: Classified
Guidance System: television or imaging infrared seeker
WarheadBLU-109/MK 84
945 lbs. (MK-84);
535 lbs. (BLU-109)
FuzeFMU-124A/B (Nose and Tail, MK-84);
FMU-143 (Tail, BLU-109)
Program status Production
Date Deployed: December 1994 (F-111 F)
Inventory: The missile is in production. When in the inventory the number will be classified. The Air Force had planned to buy about 4,048 kits. However, that number was reduced to about 2,300 units and for fiscal year 1995 was further reduced to 502. Currently eight lots of AGM-130 missiles have been authorized for a total procurement quantity of 674.
Development cost $192.048 million [The cost is for the AGM-130 only. Air Force reports development cost for the AGM-130C at $11.513 million.]
Production cost $443.908 million
Total acquisition cost $647.47 million
Acquisition unit cost $1.27 million
Production unit cost $884,279 The Air Force never awarded a full-rate production contract and the production unit cost of the munition rose from an estimated $261,500 to $884,279.
Relative costs of AGM-130 components
Seeker 21%
Control 20%
Data Link 22%
Warhead 4%
Propulsion 19%
Adaptor Group14%
Platforms F-15E, F-111

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