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AGM-119B Penguin Anti-Ship Missile

Primary Function Helicopter launched anti-ship missile.
Contractor Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk (Norway)
Power Plant Solid propellant rocket motor and solid propellant booster
Length 120.48 inches (3.06 meters)
Launch Weight 847 pounds (385 kilograms)
Diameter 11.2 inches (28.45 centimeters)
Wing Span30 in's folded, 55 in's Deployed
Range 25 nautical miles / 35 km
Speed 1.2 Mach maximum
Guidance Inertial and infrared terminal.
Warhead 265 lbs gross, 110 lbs High Explosive, semi armor piercing
derivative of the Bullpup missile
Date Deployed Fourth quarter 1993

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