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Urban Assault Weapon (UAW)

The General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products Urban Assault Weapon (UAW) is the Army's next generation shoulder launched munition. It is designed for use by the Objective Force Warrior to dominate complex and urban terrain in order to fight and finish the enemy. UAW will also contribute to survivability by enabling the soldier to engage targets from protected positions without exposing himself to enemy fires and effects.

The UAW will be a disposable, shoulder-fired weapon capable of defeating light armored vehicles and personnel within bunkers or behind masonry and brick walls. It will not require any maintenance or a dedicated gunner, and will use existing or future night sights. The UAW will replace the M72A3 LAW, M136 AT-4, and XM141 Bunker Defeat Munition.

The Urban Assault Weapon is a lightweight, shoulder-fired system designed to defeat bunkers, buildings, and lightly armored vehicles. UAW can be used in all close combat situations, providing an effective weapon for military operations in urban terrain. UAW is safe to fire at ranges between 20 and 250 meters.

Projectile Type - Ballistic
Warhead - 60mm High-Explosive Squash Head -- Dual-Mode Fuzed for Soft and Hard Targets
Weight 15.7 Pounds (7.12 kg)
Length 37.4 Inches (950mm)
Maximum Range 273.4 Yards (250m)

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