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M6 Bradley Linebacker Specifications(BL)

Manufacturer FMC (upgrade by United Technologies)
Weight 29.9 tons
Length 6.5 m
Height 2.6 m
Armor Spaced aluminum and steel armor
Maximum Speed 66-68 kph on-road
7.2 km/hr water
Range 300 miles
Powerplant Cummins VTA-903T diesel V-8
Horsepower 600 hp
  • four-tube FIM-92A Stinger launcher (fire arc T)
  • 10 [11?] FIM-92A Stinger missiles
  • Turret-mounted M242 Bushmaster 25mm autocannon (LAC) with 600-900 rounds
  • coaxial-mounted M240C MG (LMG) with 1340-3600 rounds

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