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M55 8" Self-Propelled Howitzer (T108)

M55: General
Manufacturer Pacific Car and Foundry Co.
M55: Dimensions
Combat weight 98,000lbs / 44,000kg
Length without howitzer 311" / 790cm
Height 140"360cm
Howitzer overhang forward 0"
M55: Armament
Type 8" Howitzer M47
Mount T58 in turret
Ammunition 10 rounds
Traverse 60° (30° left or right)
Elevation +65° to -5°
rate of fire one round every two minutes
maximum range 16,900 meters
Type .50cal M2HB MG
Mount Flexible in turret AA mount
Traverse 360° (manual)
Elevation Manual
M55: Armor
Assembly Welding
Maximum .59"1.5cm
Hull Rolled homogeneous steel
Turret Rolled homogeneous steel
M55: Automotive
Engine Continental AV-1790-5B; 12 cylinder, 4 cycle, 90° vee gasoline
Horsepower Gross: 810@2800rpm
Transmission Allison CD-850-4A, two ranges forward, 1 reverse
Steering Wobble stick
Brakes Multiple disc
M55: Suspension
Type Torsion bar
Road wheels 7 independently sprung dual/track
Track return rollers 3 dual/track
Drive sprockets 11-tooth front drive
Idlers Rear road wheels serve as adjustable trailing idlers
M55: Track
Type T84E1 Center guide, double pin, chevron, rubber
Width 23"58cm
Pitch 6"15cm
M55: Performance
Max level road speed 32mph51kph
Max grade 0.6
Min turning diameter Pivot
Cruising range ~160mi, roads~260km, roads
Max trench 90"230cm
Max vertical obstacle 40"100cm
Max fording depth 48"120cm

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