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M48 Patton Tank

Dimensions Hull length 21ft, with gun forward 30ft 6 in
Width 11ft 11in
Height 10ft 1 in
Ground Clearance 16 in
Track Width 28 in
Weights: Total 52 tons
107,997 lbs [M48A5]
Hull 20 tons
Turret 18 tons
Engine/Transmission 6 tons
Engine cover 2 tons
Track 2 tons each
Basic load 2 tons
Range 258 miles / 463 km
Top speed 40 mph / 48 km/h
Fuel consumption: 1 g/mi road, 2 g/mi offroad
Fording: 1.2 m
Vertical Obstacle: 0 .9 m
Gap Crossing: 2.59 m
Engine Continental AVDS
1790 cu in 690 horsepower
Transmission Alison CD-850
Main gun 90 mm rifled cannon 64 rds
105mm /51 cal M68 rfled gun with 54 rounds [M48A5]
Tank Commander .50 cal M2 HB machine gun 3000 rds
Coax 7.62mm M73 machine gun 10,000 rds
Ammunition: HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank)
HEP (High Explosive Plastic)
WP (White Phosphorus)
Armor: Homogeneous cast steel
Hull Front 120 mm
Hull Side, front 76 mm
Hull Side, rear 51 mm
Hull rear 44 mm
Hull floor 25 mm
Turret Front 110 mm
Turret Side 76 mm
Turret Rear 50 mm
Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, loader, TC)
Used by Greece (714 M48A5), Iran, Israel (400 M48A5), Jordan, South Korea (950 M48A5K), :Lebanon (90A1&A5), Morocco (224 M48A5), Norway (38 remaining A5s awaiting disposal), Pakistan (280 M48A5), Portugal(86 M48A5), Spain (164 M48A5E), Taiwain (309 M48A5, 158 M48H), Thailand (100 M48A5), Tunisia, Turkey (578 M48A2C, 179 M48T-5, 1369 M48A5T1, 750 M48A5T2).

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