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M3 105mm Howitzer

The tube of the 105-mm Howitzer M3 is the tube of the 105-mm Howitzer M2 or M2A1 shortened by 27 inches. This weapon is designed to provide for direct or indirect fire. The howitzer fires three types of projectiles: SHELL, H.E.A.T., M67; SHELL, H.E., M1; and SHELL, smoke, H.C., B.E., M84. Ammunition for this weapon is loaded with "quick" powder, which burns more rapidly than that used with the 105-mm Howitzers M2 and M2A1. The maximum range is 8,300 yards. For short bursts, the rate af fire may be four rounds per minute. For prolonged periods, the rate may be two rounds per minute.

Two recoil mechanisms, the M13 and M14, are used with this materiel. Both are the hydropneumatic, constant recoil type. Both the Carriages M3 and M3A1 are the split-trail, high-speed type fitted with automobile disk and rim wheels mounted on wheel carriers. Hand brakes are provided for use when parking. The spades at the ends of the trails and the firing base at the front of the carriage allow a 3-point ground contact in firing position.

The 105-mm Howitzer Carriages M3 are substantially similar to the 75-mm Howitzer Carriages M3A1. The 105-mm Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1 are entirely similar, except for the trails. The flasks of the Carriages M3A1 are constructed of heavier steel. A spring-type trail lock latch is provided on all of the Carriages M3A1 and on some of the Carriages M3; in the balance of the Carriages M3, the trail lock is secured by a cotter pin. All of the Carriages M3A1 and some of the Carriages M3 are equipped with clasp-type supports for securing the two handspikes when the howitzer is in the traveling position.

The Recoil Mechanisms M13 and M14 of the 105-mm howitzer materiel are modifications of the 75mm Howitzer Recoil Mechanism M1A4. The Recoil Mechanisms M13 and M14 do not have a top sleigh; nor do they have a recoil cylinder respirator; however, the action of the recoil mechanisms is similar. The howitzer, recoil and recuperator cylinders, and sleigh are fastened together and recoil as a unit; the recoil piston rod is stationary The two Recoil Mechanisms M13 and M14 have different regulator group assemblies, different recuperator cylinders, and different cylinder yokes; however, the two recoil mechanisms may be considered as entirely similar for all purposes in connection with maintenance and repair.

105-mm Howitzer M3.
Caliber 105 mm
Weight of barrel and breech mechanism 995 lb
Muzzle velocity 1,020 ft per sec.
Length of bore (approx.) 16 cal.
Maximum range:
H.E., M1 (at 544.4 mils (30.6 deg) elevation) 7,600yd
H.E., M1 (at 762.5 mils (42.7 deg) elevation) 8,300 yd
H.E.A.T., M67 (at 161.6 mils (9 deg) elevation) 3,000 yd
Twist of rifling, uniform, right-hand 1 turn in 20 calibers
Ammunition Type Semifixed
Weight of projectile, H.E., M1 33 lb
Weight of projectile, H.E.A.T., M67 29.22 lb
Weight of propelling charge 3 lb
Weight of howitzer and carriage, in firinrg position, without accessories 2,495 lb
Length, over-all, traveling position 155 in.
Width over hub caps 68 in.
Height, over-all 44 in.

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