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M163 VADS Vulcan Air Defense System
M163A2 PIVADS Product Improvement Vulcan Air Defense System

Name M163
Crew 4 (Commander, gunner,loader, driver)
Combat Weight 27,478 lb
Hull length 16ft 2 in
Width 8ftn9 3/4 inch
Hight 8ft 8 3/4 inches
Ground Clearance 16 inches
Track Width 15 inch
Main Armament M168 gun system consisisting of 6 x 20mm barrels grouped on a geared motor, firing 3,000 rounds per min.
Range Antiair 5,249 ft, ground 3,281 yards
Sensors and Fire Control Visual tracking and M^1A1 lead-computing gunsight. AV.VPS-2 radar supplies range and range rate, AN/TVS-2B night vision sight
Armor 5083 aluminum amor, (12-38mm) antimine amor on the bottom
Powerplant Detroit Diesel model 6V-53 215 HP water cooled 2 stroke V-6 disel engine, Allison TX-Automatic transmission with 6 forward/ 1 reverse gear
Suspension Suspension can be locked down during firing
Speed Road 35mph, cross country 19mph, 3.6 mph in water 300 miles range
Obstacle Clearence Vertical 2 ft , trench 5ft, 6in, amphibious

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