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LVT3 Bushmaster Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Unarmored (Mark III)

The LVT3 Bushmaster was developed by Borg-Warner, and became the post-war amtrac for the USMC. A total of 2963 of them were built between 1943 and 1945 by Ingersoll and Graham Paige. It was produced in time for Iwo Jima and was used at Inchon.


D-Day 01 April 1945
Unit Involved:
1st Amphibian Tractor Bn comprised of (108) LVT- (C)-3s
4th Amphibian Tractor Bn comprised of (102) LVT- (C)-3s

The LVT3, known as Bushmaster, LVT3 can be differentiated from LVT2 and LVT4 by its cab, which was nearer the bow on LVT3. LVT3's cab had three windows, like that of LVT1. LVT3 also had a rear loading ramp, since its engines were mounted in either sponson. Applique armor could be added to LVT3, which decreased its 9000lb (4000kg) cargo capacity by 2900lbs (1300kg). The engines and transmissions of LVT3 were the same as the light tank M5 Stuart's.

Beginning in 1949, 1200 LVT3s were converted to LVT3(C) standard by the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. A modified form of the LVT3C was used in the Inchon Landing and as an armored personnel carrier in the subsequent drive on Seoul and crossing of the Han River. Characteristics varied by model. For example, LVT3 and LVTA4 both had ramps at the rear that could be lowered to load vehicles or other equipment, while LVTA5 had a ramp in front; LVT4 was open-topped, while LVTA4 was enclosed, topped with a turret, and armed with a short-barreled 75mm howitzer.

During 1956 the LVT-3 was phased out and the Marines re-equipped with the LVTP-5.

Data and Description
Engine Cadillac (2)
No. Cylinders V-8
Speed (land) 16 mph
Speed (water) 7 mph
H.P. 220
Cruising Range (land) 150 miles
Cruising Range (water) 75 miles
Fuel Capacity 130 gal
Transmission Hydromantic (2)
Gear Configuration 4 fwd - 1 rev + 1
Weight (empty) 26,600 lbs
Weight (loaded) 38,600 lbs
Length 24' 6"
Width 11' 2"
Height 9' 11" 1
Hull Thickness 14 gauge
Track Shoes 103
Track Adjustment By Idler and sprocket
Bogie Wheels 11
Return Rollers 2
Suspension Torsilastic
Armor Bolt-on
Armament Machine Guns
Crew 3
Ramp Yes
Mfg Graham-Paige Motor Corp., Detroit, MI.
Ingersoll Steel & Disc Division, Borg-Warner Corp.,
Kalamazoo, MI.
Total Mfg 962

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