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Integrated System Control (ISYSCON)

The ISYSCON provides an automated, theater-wide system that signal units can use to manage multiple tactical communications systems and networks in support of battlefield operations. The Integrated System Control (ISYSCON) facility is a centralized network management solution that satisfies shortfalls identified in this area during Operation Desert Storm and other recent deployments. The ISYSCON facility will: (1) Provide an automated capability for managing the tactical communications network; (2) Establish an interface with each technical control facility in the Army Tactical Command and Constrol System (ATCCS) Army Battle Command System (ABCS) architecture; (3) Enable automation-assisted configuration and management of a dynamic battlefield. The ISYSCON Program serves as a baseline foundation to support future network management initiatives tied to and part of the digitized division and the Warfighter Information Network (WIN) Architecture. This system supports the Current Force transition path of the Transformation Campaign Plan (TCP).

The ISYSCON V(1)/V(2) program supports the Area Common User System (ACUS) as an integral part of the Army Vision 2010 for Information Dominance on the battlefield. The ISYSCON V(1)/V(2) will provide the Signal Command and staff with a centralized planning and control capability to manage tactical communication networks in support of combat forces, weapons systems, and battlefield automated systems.

The ISYSCON V(4)/Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) provides the Signal Soldier with a network management tool that will allow him to plan, disseminate, configure, initialize, monitor, and troubleshoot the Tactical Internet (TI) as well as the Tactical Operation Center (TOC), and Command Post (CP) Local Area Networks (LANs). ISYSCON (V)4 is part of the Army's communication planning and engineering system for current, future and contingency operations.

ISYSCON falls under the Army Product Manager for NetOps, which is under the auspices of the Army Project Manager, Tactical Radio Communications Systems. Product Manager, Communications Systems develops and fields products to the Soldier that enable his ability to plan and manage all aspects of the tactical Network. As information superiority and net-centric warfare take on increasing importance as key enablers for conducting the full range of military operations, the need to manage and control our communications systems has evolved to become more then just network management. With the increased volume of data that these systems are carrying, they require additional protection and a guarantee of delivery of this data. These are the tenet's of NetOps as defined in the Global Information Grid Network Operation Concept of Operations.

NetOps is an integrated approach to the interdependent GIG Services of Systems and Network Management (S&NM), Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense (IA/CND), and Information Dissemination Management (IDM). S&NM, IA/CND, and IDM comprise the NetOps Functional Areas. They are interdependent and must be synchronized at the operational level to maximize GIG effectiveness.

Acquisition Strategy

The Tactical Internet Management System (ISYSCON (V)4/TIMS) was developed from Army Warfighter Experiments that showed tactical network management and planning to be extremely time consuming. A DD-2028 change to the ISYSCON Requirement Operational Capability (ROC) identified the need for Tactical Internet and Tactical Operation Command (TI and TOC) Local Area Network management. An Operational Requirements Document (ORD), superceding the ISYSCON ROC/2028 Change, was approved in May 02. Milestone C Limited Deployment was approved June 21, 2001 and amended June 17, 2002. Blocks 2 and 4 of the ISYSCON (V)4 ORD requirements have been deployed to 4ID, 1CD and SBCTs 1 & 2. The Block 5 KPP will be developed as part of the CSA approved ABCS 6.4 "Good Enough" initiative. The next ISYSCON (V)4 release will satisfy the CSA approved ABCS 6.4 "Good Enough" requirements. The release 6.4 IOTE will be conducted during the ABCS 6.4 Graduation exercise in early 1QFY05. FRP IPR and MR will follow in 2-3QFY05.

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