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AAR Mobility
NSN Product Color Part Number
8145-01-465-3621 ISU-90 Four Door Forest Green 56102-000
8145-01-465-4187 ISU-90 Four Door Desert Sand 56202-000
8145-01-467-0448 Mobility Shop/Van Green 50353-001
8145-01-467-0445 Mobility Shop Container/Van/Mobile Office Green 50353-002
8145-01-465-3629 ISU-60 Four Door Forest Green 56103-000
8145-01-465-4194 ISU-60 Four Door Desert Sand 56203-000
8145-01-465-4160 ISU-70KC Four Door Forest Green 56150-000
8145-01-465-4565 SU-70KC Four Door Desert sand 56250-000

BOH Environmental
NSN Product Color Part Number
8145-01-518-8749 FPU-8 Series Tan 15000802T
8145-01-473-1213 FPU-8 Series Green 15000802G
8145-01-473-1207 FPU-20 Series Green 15002001G
8145-01-518-8750 FPU-20 Series Tan 15002001T
8145-01-473-1208 FPU-20 Series Green 15002002G
8145-01-518-8751 FPU-20 Series Tan 15002002T

CMCI (Charleston Marine Containers)
NSN Product Color Part Number
8145-01-483-9115 QUADCONS Green CMC115A-G
8145-01-483-9121 QUADCONS Tan CMC115A-T
8145-01-483-9123 TRICONS Green CMC101-G
8145-01-483-9125 TRICONS Tan CMC101-T

NSN Product Part Number
8145-01-486-8746 C-130 2 Door Collapsible WFI-C130D-G
8145-01-486-8755 C-141 2 Door Collapsible WFI-C141D-G
8145-01-498-9847 2 Door Multi Purpose WFI-MCC-G
8145-01-500-9371 C-135 2 door Collapsible WFI-C135D-G

20 Feet ISO Cargo Containers
NSN Description
8145-01-463-8553 20'x8'x8'6" End Doors
8145-01-463-3177 20'x8'x8'6" Refurbished, End Doors
8145-01-513-6282 20'x8'x8'6" End Doors on Both Ends
8145-01-514-8414   20'x8'x8'6" End Doors on Both Ends and 1 Side
8145-01-513-4913 20'x8'x8'6" Two full side Opening, NO End doors
8145-01-501-2741   20'x8x8'6" One Full side Opening, NO End doors
A-A59272   N/A
8145-01-488-6545   20'x8'x8' (Type I) end doors
8145-01-491-2678   20'x8'x8' (Type II) End doors on Both Ends
8145-01-491-2727   20'x8'x8' (Type III) end doors on Both Ends and One Side

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