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AN/ARC-190(V) HF Airborne Communications System

The AN/ARC-190(V) is a solid-state HF transceiver that provides beyond-line-of-sight communications capability for various military airborne applications. It has been the mainstay of HF communications for the USAF.

The ARC-190 is composed of several subsystems:

  • RT-1341(V) Receiver Transmitter
  • C-10828(V) Remote Control
  • CP-2024(C) Automatic Communications Processor
  • CU-2275(V)1, or similar, Antenna Coupler

The CP-2024 Automatic Communications Processor is an option that provides the HF ALE capability and enables communications with the ARINC ground network. The CP-2024 has only been made available recently, and is also sold separately as the 309M-1. Previous installations can be retrofitted to provide HF ALE, but it is unknown how many have been.

The Receiver/Transmitter is available in several variants, some with 1553 bus capability.

A number of antenna couplers are available, depending upon the antenna configuration of the platform.

A derivative of the ARC-190, the HF-190, is sold for commercial applications.

The system has a frequency range of HF, 2-30 MHz in 100 Hz increments and a channel bandwidth of 25kHz

The AN/ARC-190(V) HF Airborne Communications System is being manufactured by Rockwell-Collins for the following Airborne platforms: AC-130H, AC-130U, B-1B, B-52H, C-130E, C-130H, C-141B, C-141C, C-17A, C-20B, C-20H, C-5A, C-5B, C-5C, C-9A, C-9C, E-4B, E-8C, EC-130E, EC-130H, EC-135C, EC-135Y, F-15A, F-15B, F-15C, F-15D, F-15E, HC-130N, HC-130P, KC-135E, KC-135R, KC-135T, LC-130H, MC-130E, MC-130H, MC-130P, MH-53J, MH-53M, NC-130H, OC-135B, RC-135S, RC-135U, RC-135V, RC-135W, T-43A, TC-135S, TC-135W, TH-53A, WC-130H, WC-135W, C-130J, KC-10A; USAF: C-130, KC-135, C-141, C-5, C-9, KC-10, B-1, B-52, C-17, F-15, F-16, H-60, S-2T; USN: EC-24A

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