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TH-67 Creek

Contractor Bell Aircraft
Powerplant Model 250-C20J.
Manufacturer Allison Gas Turbine Divi-sion formerly of Rolls Royce.
Rated shaft horsepower (SHP): 420 SHP. The engine is limited to 317 SHP by the transmission.
Takeoff power (MAX TQ AVAIL)--317 SHP @ 100% TQ. 5 Minute limit.
Maximum continuous power (TQ AVAIL CONT)--270 SHP @ 85% TQ.
Maximum transient power 348 SHP @ 110% TQ. 5 Second limit. INTENTIONAL USE PROHIBITED.
RPM @ output gearshaft 6016.
Main rotor2 blades.
Diameter 33 feet, 4 inches.
Asymmetrical "droop snoot" design.
Blade twist -10 degrees root to tip.
RPM @ 100% N2 394.
Tail rotor2 blades.
Diameter 5 feet, 5 inches.
Blade angle @ full left pedal 23 degrees.
RPM @ 100% N2 2560.
Maximum Gross Weight Limitations
  • For hovering and flight--3200 pounds.
  • For ramp operations--3300 pounds.
  • Airspeed limitations (KIAS)
  • Vne--130 kts.
  • Maximum airspeed with more than 3,000 lbs GW--122 kts.
  • Maximum airspeed (IMC)--110 kts or placarded Vne, whichever is less.
  • Minimum airspeed (IMC)--50 kts.
  • Minimum climb airspeed (IMC)--70 kts.
  • Maximum airspeed crew doors removed--110 kts or placarded Vne, whichever is less. VFR configuration only.
  • Maximum airspeed cargo doors removed--87 kts.
  • Maximum airspeed autorotation--100 kts.
  • Maximum airspeed with 85-100% TQ--80 kts.
  • Minimum rate of descent--52 kts @ 394 rotor RPM.
  • Maximum glide distance--69kts @ 394 rotor RPM.
  • Engine failure (autorotation)--52-69 kts
  • Cruise--90 kts.
  • Crew One pilot, four students
    Minimum Flight Crew Limitations
  • VFR--1 pilot @ 170 lbs minimum weight.
  • IFR--(IMC)--2 pilots.
  • Fuel Limitations
  • Primary--JP4 or Jet B usable at all temperatures.
  • Alternate--JP5, JP8, Jet A and Jet A1 usable above -25 degrees F (-32C) provided a minimum 8 psi fuel pressure exists or above 0 degrees F (-17.8C) with 4 psi fuel pressure.
  • Maximum capacity84.1 US gallons. Usable fuel--82.6 US gallons.

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