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TC-130 Hercules

The TC-130 aircraft is a high-wing, all metal, long-range, land-based monoplane.Within the Naval Air Training command, a TC-130 dubbed "Fat Albert" is used as a logistics support aircraft for the Navy Flight Demonstration Team, the Blue Angels. Power for the TC-130 is supplied by four Allison T56-A-16 turboprop engines.Additionally, the aircraft has provision for externally mounted JATO units to provide additional thrust for take-off.Demonstration of the Jet Assisted Take-Off has become a standard feature of the Blue Angels performance.

Length 97' 9"
Height 38' 3"
Wingspan 132' 7"
Empty Weight 76,469 lbs
Max Take Off Weight 175,000 lbs
Max Level Speed 362 mph
Max Range 2,238 s.miles
Max Rate of Climb 1,800 ft/min
Service Ceiling 26,500 ft

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