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SB-3865 TRI-TAC Switchboard

The SB-3865 is a 4-wire digital, 30-line, TRI-TAC compatible switchboard. Up to three units can be stacked together to operate as one unit providing 90 lines. Each 3865 has three group modems, one of which can be encrypted. Group rates can range up to 576 Kbps, and can be run at 16 or 32 Kbps. The 3865 can be operated in stand-alone mode, or in conjunction with the TTC-39 as a COMSEC Subordinate Switch (CSS). In the CSS mode, 3865 subscribers have access to the same features as TTC-39 subscribers. The 3865 can provide digital non-secure and digital secure phones, although use of secure phones without a COMSEC parent switch requires each phone use the same keys. Dialing is automatic and does not require operator assistance in a digital network. The SB-3865 can also be operated in conjunction with the SB-3614 analog switchboard in a hybrid stack configuration for greater flexibility.

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