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The LAU-88/A Triple-Rail Missile Launcher was manufactured by Hughes for use with the AGM-65 Maverick. The Maverick is fired either from single-rail LAU-117/A or triple-rail LAU-88/A launchers, and AGM-65 units, such as the A-10 and F-16, use both the LAU-88 and LAU-117 launchers. The newest Mavericks are not compatible with the LAU-88 -- the Maverick-G only goes on certain versions of the LAU-117. While the LAU-88 can carry them, the drag index with three missiles is quite high. A modified LAU-88/A is usually fitted to high-performance aircraft, offering a reduced-drag fairing (up to 60% in certain flight profiles). The F-16 aircraft has nine hardpoints for weapons and payloads, with ordnance launched from the LAU-88 launchers from Hughes, along with other similar systems.

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