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LAU-138 Chaff Dispenser

The LAU-138 is a high-capacity chaff dispenser for aircraft self-protection. The launcher was originally developed for insertion into the LAU-7 Sidewinder launch rail, where it causes no reduction in either weapon payload capacity or flight performance. It can also be mounted in other launchers such as the LAU-127, LAU-128 and LAU-129 launchers. Each LAU-138 dispenser holds 160 chaff packages that are dispensed without pyrotechnics. The drive mechanism feeds out the chaff packages one at a time into the airstream, with dispensing in sequences tailored to decoy specific threats. The LAU-138 system was developed by CelsiusTech in Sweden, and has been selected for operational use by several customers in Europe and the USA. An international alliance has been formed by CelsiusTech, Chemring (UK) and Tracor Aerospace (USA) to pursue worldwide opportunities for this innovative and unique dispenser system.

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