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Joint-Based Expeditionary Connectivity Center JBECC

The Joint-Based Expeditionary Connectivity Center [JBECC] is a humvee-based, highly mobile, rapid response communications node for integrated air defense and is able to incorporate real-time data into NORAD's command and control systems. JBECC-based systems have traveled with President Bush, formed a shield over Washington, D.C., and been touted by NORAD in presentations for tactical missile defense. The JBECC is based on a technology demonstrator and has limited capability compared to BCS. It would meet only some of the BCS-M requirements. As of 2004 there were at least two JBECC systems, one that travels to major events particularly those involving the president and another that is more stationery at an undisclosed location in the Washington area.

The North American Air Defense (NORAD) Continental U.S. Region commander began a Cruise Missile Defense Initiative in 1999 to identify shortfalls and propose a near-term solution to defending the United States against low-altitude, small signature threats such as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. The Area Cruise Missile Defense (ACMD) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) built a mobile tactical interface to take advantage of advanced augmenting sensors and correlate their picture with the existing NORAD air picture. The interface comes in the form of a highly mobile command and control shelter and can be deployed to support intelligence cueing or to improve defenses for high visibility events. This shelter is known as the Joint Based Expeditionary Connectivity/Control Center (JBECC). The FOC system, developed by the SMDBL, is filling the role of the JBECC.

A Future Operational Capability (FOC) shelter supported AMALGAM VIRGO 2001, a First Air Force exercise demonstrating the North American Aerospace Defense Command?s response to a simulated terrorist cruise missile threat. The FOC, a possible replacement for division tactical operations centers, increases mobility by reducing the footprint and airlift requirements. More importantly, the computers and software being used in the FOC provide a single integrated air picture for joint and combined theater air and missile defense operations. The FOC is being developed by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab.

The Joint Based Expeditionary Connectivity Center (JBECC) team has extensive experience in providing 24/7 support in short notice Homeland Defense taskings not limited to but including; National Security Events (NSE), National Special Security Events (NSSE), POTUS protection, space shuttle launches, Super Bowl, G8 Summit, United Nations General Assembly, Mission Readiness Exercises (MRE), and other training events as required. [The JBECC is a HMMWV-based, highly mobile for rapid response communications node for integrated air defense for Operation NOBLE EAGLE (ONE) and other NSSEs, incorporating real time sensor data into NORAD's command and control systems.

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