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BRU-12 Bomb Rack

The BRU-12 Bomb Rack is used by the US Navy. The BRU-12/A bomb rack is a parent rack which may be mounted in the bomb bay of all models of the P-3 aircraft. It is similar in design and operation to the Aero 65A series bomb rack. The BRU-12 Bomb release unit is secured to the aircraft structure at the forward and aft ends of the frame assembly, which provides a firm mounting for all major components of the unit. A single wiring harness connects the aircraft wiring and all electrical components within the bomb release unit. BRU-12/A has two hooks, spaced 14 inches apart, for suspending and releasing a weapon/store, and holes at the forward and aft ends of the frame assembly for mounting it on the aircraft. Two solenoid-actuated arming units at the bottom of the release unit provide mechanical arming for the nose and tail of a weapon/store. These arming units are electrically actuated to arm a weapon/store as it is dropped. If the arming units are not electrically actuated, the weapon/store will drop unarmed.

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