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AN/UYC-9 Tactical Secure Data Communications (TASDAC)

The AN/UYC-9 system transfers mission support, command, control, and intelligence data between forward deployed and fixed Air Force elements.

It provides deploying units with the capability to transmit data from forward operating locations back to support bases and the strategic network.

TASDAC interconnects separate secure and non-secure communications networks consisting of deployed and fixed data communications nodes.

It allows multiple levels of secure data to share resources with one another and with unclassified data.

A deployed node user group inputs/receives data via an ethernet local area network (LAN) at its user interface.

Data is routed in/out of deployed nodes to either the theater communications network or the public telephone network. It is then transmitted to other deployed nodes and/or a fixed node.

The system optimizes the available bandwidth, interfaces with all TRI-TAC transmission sources, efficiently routes data between nodes in-theater, and interfaces with the Defense Data Network (DDN) for data exchange with home bases.

TASDAC will pass data between geographically separated units but will not provide a local area network for communications within a fixed structure. One UTC consists of two nodes.

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