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The AN/SPN-46(V) Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) is a precision approach landing system which provides electronic guidance to carrier-based Navy aircraft and allows them to land in all weather conditions with no limitations due to low ceiling or visibility. The AN/SPN-46(V)1 is a replacement for the AN/SPN-42A Landing Control Center (LCC) installed on conventional (CV) and nuclear (CVN) aircraft carrier platforms. The continuous increase in mission requirements, technological advancements in electronics, and part issues rendered the AN/SPN-42A inadequate.

AN/SPN-46(V)1 system is designed to provide flawless and reliable final approach and landing to all carrier-based aircraft. The system operates day and night and the performance is virtually unaffected by severe weather and sea conditions. The system is interfaced with the Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC), which assigns which aircraft to be controlled.

The Radar Doppler Video Processor (RDVP) is a Field Change Kit (FCK) to the AN/SPN-46(V)1 ACLS which, when installed, helps improve accuracy during percipitation. There are several software upgrades to help improve accuracy, along with new GPS attachements.

Other upgrades are continually being done to provide the AN/SPN-46(V)1 with the capability required to eliminate current processor inadequacies, meet current and future computational requirements, increase system reliability and maintainability, and minimize total system life cycle costs.

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