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The AN/TPQ-43 Seek Score is a precision automatic tracking radar system that uses an India band radar. This system replaced the antiquated AN/MSQ-46 and AN/MSQ-77 Bomb Directing Central systems used during the Vietnam conflict to guide bombers to their target. The Seek Score can automatically "score" simulated bomb releases electronically or it can provide tracking data for navigation termination activity. Using computer targeting coordinates, the Seek Score computer performs a complete ballistics computation on any type of simulated weapon release from where the tracked aircraft is at release, to where the "target" is. This computation provides a Miss Distance score that is accurate to the foot. The radar system can also perform a comparison of aircraft position in relation to a target to "score" the navigation and timing accuracy of an aircrew. The computerized scoring capabilities of the Seek Score enhance USAF training, because an aircrew can practice flying over any type of terrain at any altitude, and practice bomb drops or navigation without ever dropping bombs.

The Seek Score system tracks in range, elevation and azimuth positions using either radar or beacon signals. It also has a limited capability of tracking optically (using a contrast comparing TV camera) in azimuth and elevation. Because of its "precision tracking" capability, is also used to provide position data to slaved systems such as the TRAINS or AN/MLQ-T4 Jammer. The Seek Score is equipped with a search IFF/SIF for locating and identifying aircraft.

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