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AN/ALD-11 ESM System

The AN/ALD-11 ESM system provided wideband high probability of intercept, precision direction finding, ranging, identification, and threat warning for the Navy's A-12 attack aircraft. The ALD-11 supported emitter threat avoidance and targeting by means of its ability to rapidly detect, identify, and locate pop-up emitters. The system uses AZ/EL interferometer arrays and multi-arm spiral antennas to obtain precision direction with full azimuth and frequency coverage. The AN/ALD-11 had an instantaneous detection and measurement bandwidth of 4 GHz giving it an extremely short reaction time in moderate density environments and wideband channelization capabilities to operate in higher density environments. At the time of the A-12 aircraft program cancellation in 1992, the ALD-11 FSD system was ready for acceptance testing.

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