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MH-60R [ex SH-60R]

Model MH-60R [ex SH-60R]
Navigation System
  • Dual Redundant GPS/INS
  • No TACAN/Doppler
  • Radar System
  • Auto Detect/Track up to 255 Contacts
  • Embedded IFF
  • Long Pulse Interval (LPI)
  • Periscope Detection
  • Weather Mode
  • SAR Mode
  • Air-to-Air Tracking
  • Emission Sensor Measurement (ESM) System
  • Expanded Frequency Range
  • Increased Onboard Library identifies a wider range of Emitters and Modes and Frequency Agile, Complex Emitters
  • Passive Localization, with Increased Bearing Accuracy and NATO Nomenclature
  • More Capabilities than SLQ-32
  • Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Multi-Sensor Correlation/Data Fusion
  • Active Acoustic Classification
  • Automatic Narrow Band Detection, Tracking, and Classification
  • Threat Envelope Depiction**
  • Load of Pre-Mission Flight Plan & Sensor Performance Predictions
  • In-Situ Environmental Update
  • Sensor Optimization
  • Area of Uncertainty (AOU) Determination
  • Acoustic Systems
  • Sonobouys (8 directional)
  • Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)
  • Medium Frequency (MF) Active Sonar
  • Bistatic capability with SQS-53C/TARS
  • Greater Pulse Length
  • Littoral Upgrade
  • 3-6X capability increase over 13F
  • Concurrent ALFS/Sonobuoy Processing
  • UYS-2 System Processor
  • Grams or Automatic Line Integration (ALI) displays
  • Colorized Display
  • Automatic Coupled Approach to Hover
  • Auto Gate Determination
  • Integrated Self Defense (ISD) Systems
  • Specific Threat ID
  • Optimum Counter Measure Response
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) utilizing expendable or towed decoys
  • Infrared (IR) - Directed Energy/ Expendable Decoys
  • Laser Warning

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