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Mystery Aircraft Resource Guide

Mystery Aircraft and Facilities

Area 51 Research Center
The GRANDADDY of it ALL -- ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!! NONE GENUINE WITHOUT THIS SIGNATURE!! -- MUST SEE AGAIN AND AGAIN Includes Area 51/Groom Lake data and rumors about the secret military base north of Las Vegas, and adjoining areas in Southern Nevada, the Groom Lake Desert Rat newsletter, and a Catalog of items for sale from the Area 51 Research Center.

by Steve and Teresa Douglass "The fascinating world of military monitoring requires up to the minute,inside information. At last monitors have found a solid source of military monitoring intelligence- INTERCEPTS- the newsletter for the serious, dedicated military monitoring hobbyist... the latest military news, first peaks and intentional leaks. What works, and what doesn't. Stealth updates and military aircraft profiles. Air Force Base frequency lists and Interceptor reports."

Black Dawn
by Dan Zinngrabe -- A rather elegant implementation with information on US "black" aerospace programs.

U.S Black Aircraft - Terry E. Mahon September 1998
This research report summarizes available evidence of the history of several classified military aircraft: the large "Brilliant Buzzard" supersonic special mission aircraft, the Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance System (AARS), the General Dynamics Model 100 stealth spanloader called Sneaky Pete, and the Northrop-Grumman Advanced Manned Concept (AMC).

Inside Area 51
A most estimable resource from the Las Vegas Review Journal. Includes maps, photo gallery, lotsa links and an archive of the past five years of their reporting on the topic. A must see.

Mapping the Landscape of Conjecture
The expanded Site Characterization project known as The Landscape of Conjecture entails mapping the Nellis Range Complex, a restricted military area in Nevada the size of Connecticut. The map being created at The Center includes speculative as well as actual features of the landscape. The source material for the map is coming from a wide range of perspectives:

Ken's Area 51 Page
"This site is catered to those who are planning a visit to the Rachel area, or would like to view the scenery from the comfort of your own keyboard." A very elegant implementation with lotsa pix and lotsa linx.

"The main issue is that the government is taking all actions it needs to keep everything in this place a secret. What many people want to know is what exactly is so important that we must keep it secret at all costs." Another elegant implementation, from the Area 51 BBS.

Mr. GoodBytes Area 51 Page
The topics dealt with here are the base Area-51 itself, UFO\Alien lifeforms, updates and Cammodude's Area 51 Pictures available to all.

The Entrance Area 51, Groom Lake & S4 Links
Links to various resources from a more broadly focused site.
SciFi Channel Area 51 Stuff
Various items that can be ordered - inferior in all respects to Glenn's stuff, but worth a look nonetheless.

Tom Mahood's Blue Fire
"The primary purpose of this site, other than to direct my energies in slightly less deviant directions, is to act as a "satellite" to Glenn Campbell's Area 51 web page. Beyond that I hope to include an array of information ranging from quality, attributed stuff, all the way to wild-ass rumors, clearly identified as such." Includes Nellis Complex Facilities: Info on some of the more obscure areas in and around Dreamland/Area 51.

Reforming U.S. military secrecy
This MUST SEE site presents information about excessive secrecy in the United States national security system. Despite the end of the Cold War, billions of dollars are spent in secret each year, without any accountability to the taxpayers.

Another "Area 51 Research Center"
The geocities page is simply a cheap imitation of the one and only true and certain original. To quote Glenn:"9/22, 4pm: Another site is now claiming to be the "Area 51 Research Center," using documents copied from ours and several other sites. We've asked them to change the name, but have received no reply. We suspect an adolescent (or a moron)."

skunk-works ftp
The major site on the net for mystery aircraft. The Skunk Works mail list often has discussions related to the SR-71 and other spy planes. To subscribe to the skunk-works-digest, send the command subscribe skunk-works-digest in the body of a message to The primary resource is an archive of the Skunkworks Digest listserv traffic. Contents also include a large archive of aircraft images as well as others related to Area 51 by by Chris Barrus. Other items include a list of the A12's, YF12's and SR71's, according to "Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird", by Paul F. Crickmore, and another list from Lockheed.

Aurora space craft by USA
An absolutely massive compilation of mystery aircraft related articles from Aviation Leak and Space Mythology and other sources, provided by Raul Sobon.

"Skunk Works is the true story of America's most secret and successful aerospace operation. As recounted by Ben Rich, the operation's brilliant boss for nearly two decades, the story of Lockheed's legendary Skunk Works is a high-stakes drama of cold war confrontations and Gulf War air combat, of extraordinary feats of engineering and human achievement against fantastic odds." In this feature, Time Warner Electronic Publishing provides an online preview of the book with dozens of high-quality images.

The Skunk Works
Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works has been a success story in innovation since 1943. The organization has produced a series of technologically advanced aircraft and systems for combat, transport, reconnaissance and research for the U.S. Armed forces, intelligence agencies and NASA.

Military (Black Projects) Aircraft
These pages are dedicated to those aircraft which "Do not Exist" according to the relevant Governments. Includes very nice artwork.

Andreas Gehrs-Pahl's Aerospace Page
An EXTREMELY useful resource, with pointers to many other sites. Native content includes U-2 and SR-71 units, bases and detatchments around the world, a Tier UAVs Summary html version of an article, posted at Skunk Works, Aerosp-L, r.a.m, etc. It includes a small bibliography and will be updated continiuosly.

Smitty's UFO Page - Groom Lake, UFOs
Lots of very interesting stuff from the Internet UFO Group and Dave Schmitz, including 3D Rendered views of Groom Lake and the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, as well as a Headlines archive of published reports that include a variety of mystery aircraft content -- a very valuable clipping service indeed.

ORTK Operation Right to Know
The mission of Operation Right to Know is to take public, political action to end the UFO cover-up and build a worldwide movement which will demand the truth from all governments. Includes some coverage of issues related to secrecy and Area 51.

How Secrecy is Destroying Public Faith in Government and Science, by Terry Hansen, copyright (c) 1995. Presented by express permission of the author. "CIA spy planes such as the U-2 and A-12, designed at the legendary Lockheed Skunk Works, flew for years over the Soviet Union, China and other foreign countries whose air-defense agencies often knew quite well what was going on. It was the American public that was successfully kept in the dark until these operations were exposed or declassified."


Aurora Aircraft Page
"This page contains links to information about the secret Aurora aircraft. Rumor has it that this plane was developed to replace the SR-71 aircraft. It is supposed to be able to fly at Mach 6. It's sonic booms have been recorded in the Nevada desert, and it has been sighted off an oil platform in the North Sea. However, no one is certain that it really exists."

Aurora Drawing Index
A number of very nicely done computer renderings of Aurora by Adrian Mann.

rec.aviation.military FAQ - Contemporary Aircraft
C.1. Why is the 'stealth fighter' called F-117 instead of F-19? C.2. Does the USAF have a hypersonic spyplane called 'Aurora'? C.3. What's a TR-3?

6.00 Aurora Project or "deep black" projects
Extract from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ at Chris Schnurr last updated 15th November 1994. The "Aurora Project" is the name given to one of these types of projects by the industry experts involving two new types of reported aircraft. These aircraft where observed in the south west US and are said to have been developed at highly classified government facilities in the Nevada desert. There are two types of advanced aircraft reported.

[BOOK SYNOPSIS] Ancient legends of the High Desert, flight testing of advanced technology, and bringing a dream to fruition - the elements of Beyond Aurora. The book concentrates on the flight test, at Edwards Air Force Base, of the advanced aerospace Dreamship series.


SENIOR CITIZEN is an advanced tactical airlift transport aircraft. a low-observable, This V/STOL turbofan powered aircraft is probably manufactured by Boeing. SENIOR CITIZEN was funded under PE 0401316F through the end of Fiscal Year 1993, when it disappeared from the budget, suggesting that it had either entered service, or was terminated.


F-117A Stealth Fighter
The F-117 Nighthawk is the world's first operational aircraft designed to exploit low observable stealth technology. This aircraft is flown by pilots of the 49th Fighter Wing, Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., which reports to Air Combat Command with headquarters at Langley Air Force Base, Va. The F-117 is a single-seat fighter and is designed to penetrate dense threat environments as well as attack high value targets with pinpoint accuracy.

USAF Museum Discovery Zone - F-117 Aircraft Trivia
For every question, click the box next to the answer you choose. When you have answered all the questions, click the Check Your Answers button to see how you did. Have fun and Good Luck

Black Manta

WIRED 2.02: "Stealth Watchers" by Phil Patton
Stealth Watchers. Armed with Radio Shack scanners and PCs, Steve Douglass and a small group of private citizens are unmasking the US Defense Department. "First Steve Douglass heard and saw familiar shapes - F-117s he had seen many times since they emerged from the black-budget world; Stealth fighters he had tracked and monitored when they were still secret. Then came one that was slower, with a different sound, a different shape.... The "bat" is a still-secret TR3A Black Manta, captured on video for the first time by Douglass."

Secret US spy plane 'crashed at Stonehenge'
By Christy Campbell and Nick Cook, The Electronic Telegraph 19 December 1994 "DID something very strange happen on a windswept Wiltshire down just before midnight at the end of September? Did a top-secret American prototype spyplane crash in the darkness a few miles from Stonehenge, killing its crew? A group of youthful aviation enthusiasts ... that the wreckage of the secret machine, codenamed Black Manta, was spirited back to the USA after a forced-landing."

Other Useful Links

Andrew Toppan's Aviation Page
Includes Blackbird Family information [List of SR-71 losses with dates and specific info, Locations of existing SR-71s. Data on the SR-71 family, and Blackbird Family serial numbers] aircraft serial numbers for Blackbird Family, D-21, F-117 and U-2, as well as many other useful aviation resources.

Black projects menus
Menu guide to Black Projects. Welcome to Black Projects! In this section you will find software models of black program aircraft not commonly known or seen outside of...

Stealth Listings Page
A quick little table of "stealth" projects underway. Comments welcome.

Mach3's Base of Operations - Plane Pics
Presenting....... The Black Projects. The TR1. The F-117 ...^ The B2 ...^ DarkStar (Tier III) ...^ DarkStar (Tier III) ...^

Aircraft Image Gallery
Aircraft. B52. B2 & KC135. B2. B2.JPG. B58 & XB70. B1. B2. C130e. C141c. C17. C17. C5. A-10. F22. F-117. F-15e. F15. F15s escorting Mig29. F15. F15_1.JPG.... ... well, you get the idea... a nice collection from Wright-Pat AFB.

Airplane Images
A very large aviation image archive sponsored by The ERSL Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Aviation/Images
Aviation Images - the comprehensive guide to online resources. These pages maintained by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Aircraft Images
Online sources of pictures of the SR-71, U-2 and other aircraft are available at:
  • LAL Aviation Archive
  • Flight.Com Image File
  • The Flightline Modern Military Aircraft
    Landings Aviation Image Archives has an extremely comprehensive list of other image sources.

    Lockheed Martin Photo Archives - A to Z
    Photo Archives - A to Z. Lotsa pix!!

    Aircraft Design Information Sources
    Virginia Tech Aircraft Design Information Sources pages.

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