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Max. Takeoff Weight 135,000 lbs.
Cruise Speed 300 kts.
Ceiling 27,000 ft.
Maximum Range Low Altitude: 2,500 NM
High Altitude: 3,800 NM
Maximum Endurance 12 hrs.
Years Built 1975 (N42RF)/ 1976 (N43RF)
Scientific Complement 2 Pilots, Flight Engineer, Navigator, Flight Director (meteorologist), 2 or 3 Engineering/Electronic specialists, Radio/Avionics specialist, and a up to 12 Scientist or Media personnel.
Instrumentation Meteorological sensors for the measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, winds and fluxes.

  • Rockwell Collins C-band nose radar
  • Lower fuselage C-band research radar - 360 deg. horizontal fan beam
  • X-band, Doppler tail research radar
    Cloud Physics
  • PMS 2-dimensional and 1-dimensional precipitation and cloud particle probes
  • PMS Forward and Axially scattering particle probes
  • Aerosol sampling system
  • Sea surface temperature radiometer
  • CO2 air temperature radiometer
  • Eppley solar and terrestrial pyranometer and pyrgeometer radiometers
  • GPS dropwindsonde atmospheric profiling system
  • Airborne Expendable Bathythermographs (AXBT's)
  • C-band and Ku-band scatterometers
  • Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer
  • Radome Flow Angle Sensors
  • External Wing Store Station Mounts
  • Dual Inertial and GPS Navigation Systems
  • Specifications
    Primary Function Antisubmarine warfare(ASW)/Antisurface warfare (ASUW)
    Contractor Lockheed
    P-3A P-3B (L) P-3B (H) P-3C
    Date Deployed August 1962 August 1969
    Power Plant Four T56-A-10
    Allison turbo prop
    4,300 horsepower each
    Four T56-A-14
    Allison turbo prop
    4,600 horsepower each
    Maximum gross weight 127,500 lbs 127,500 lbs 139,760 lbs 139,760 lbs
    Endurance 10-13 hr 10-13 hr 10-13 hr 10-13 hr
    Crew composition 5 - minimum flight crew
    11 - normal crew
    21 - maximum accomodation
    Cruise speed (average) 330 knots 330 knots 330 knots 330 knots
    Fuel capacity (approximate) 60,000 lbs 60,000 lbs 60,000 lbs 60,000 lbs
    Fuel consumption (lb/hr) 4000-5000 4000-5000 4000-5000 4000-5000
    Unit Cost $36 million (FY 1987)
    Armament up to around 20,000 pounds (9 metric tons) internal and external loads

    Bomb Bay:

    Two Center-Section Pylons:

    Three Under Outer Wing Pylons,
    [Per Wing -Inboard to Outboard):
    A total maximum weapon load includes
      6 2,000 lb mines under wings
      2 MK 101 depth bombs
      4 MK 50 torpedoes
      87 sonobuoys
      pyrotechnics, signals,


    External Dimensions

    Wing span 30.37 m
    Wing chord (at root) 5.77 m
    Wing chord (at tip) 2.31 m
    Wing aspect ratio 7:5
    Length overall 35.61 m
    Height overall 10.27 m
    Fuselage diameter 3.45 m
    Tailplane span 13.06 m
    Wheel Track (c/l shock absorbers) 9.50 m
    Wheel base 9.07 m
    Propeller diameter 4.11 m
    Cabin door (height) 1.83 m
    Cabin door (width) 0.69 m

    Internal Dimensions

    Cabin, excl flight deck and electrical load center:  
    Length 21.06 m
    Maximum width 3.30 m
    Maximum height 2.29 m
    Floor area m2
    Volume 120.6 m


    Wings, gross 3120.77 m2
    Ailerons (totals) 8.36 m2
    Trailing-edge flaps (total) 19.32 m2
    Fin, including dorsal fin 10.78 m2
    Rudder, including tab 5.57 m2
    Tailplane 22.39 m2
    Elevators, including tabs 7.53 m2

    Weights and Loadings

    Weight empty 27,890 kg
    Maximum fuel weight 28,350 kg
    Maximum expendable load 9,071 kg
    Maximum normal T-O weight 61,235 kg
    Design zero-fuel weight 35,017 kg
    Maximum landing weight 47,119 kg
    Maximum wing loading 507.0 kg/m
    Maximum power loading 4.18 kg/kW


    P-3B/C at maximum T-O weight (except where indicated otherwise):  
    Maximum level speed at 4,575 meters at AUW of 47,625 kg 411 knots
    Econ cruising speed at 7,620 m at AUW of 48,895 kg 328 knots
    Patrol speed at 457 m at AUW of 49,895 kg Rate of climb at 457 m
    Time to 7,620 meters 594 min.
    Service ceiling 30 min.
    Service ceiling , OEI 8,625 meters
    T-O run 5,790 meters
    T-O to 15 miles 1,290 meters
    Landing from 15 meters at
    design landing weight 1,673 meters
    1,673 meters
    Mission radius (3 h on station at 457 m; 1,500 ft) 845 nautical miles
    Maximum mission radius (no time on station) at 61,235 kg 1,345 nautical miles
    Ferry range 2,070 nautical miles
    Maximum endurance at 4,575 meters on two engines 17 h 12 min
    Maximum endurance at 4,575 meters on four engines 12 h 20 min

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