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OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

Crew2 pilots
Height12 feet 10.6 inches
Length41 feet 2.4 inches
Rotor diameter35 feet
Maximum gross weight4,500 pounds (unarmed);
5,500 pounds (armed)
Maximum airspeed125 KIAS
Cruise airspeed80 KIAS
Endurance2 hours
Cargo hook capacity2,000 pounds
Litter capacity4 (externally)
Troop-carrying capacity6 (externally).
  • Data transfer system ground station, data transfer module, data transfer receptacle in the aircraft.
  • Video tape recorder records up to 2 hours of copilot's MFD.
  • ANVIS display symbology system provides basic flight information.
  • Mast-mounted sight
  • Thermal imaging sensor.
  • Television sensor.
  • Laser range finder/designator.
  • Optical boresight system.
  • Weapons
  • .50-caliber heavy machine gun.
  • 70-millimeter folding fin aerial rocket.
  • Air-to-air Stinger missile.
  • Hellfire modular missile system.

  • Communication equipment
  • Two VHF-FM AN/ARC-186 or AN/ARC-201 SINCGARS.
  • One UHF AN/ARC-164 Have Quick.
  • One VHF-AM AN/ARC-186.
  • Two TSEC/KY-58.
  • HF capable (radio not installed).
  • TSEC/KY-75 (device not installed).
  • Retransmission capabilities.
  • FM homing (AN/ARC-186 only).
  • Airborne target handover system (digital communications).
  • Navigation equipment
  • Attitude and heading reference system (Litton LR-80 Inertial).
  • AN/ASN-137 doppler.
  • AN/ASN-43 directional gyro.
  • Aircraft survivability equipment
  • AN/APX-100 IFF.
  • AN/ALQ-144 IR jammer.
  • AN/APR-39A radar warning receiver.
  • AN/APR-44(V)3 radar warning receiver.
  • AN/AVR-2 laser detecting set.
  • Costs

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