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KC-10A Extender

Primary Function: Aerial refueling/transport.
Contractor: Douglas Aircraft Co.
Power Plant: Three General Electric CF-6-50C2 turbofans
Thrust: 52,500 pounds (23,625 kilograms), each engine
Length: 181 feet, 7 inches (54.4 meters)
Height: 58 feet, 1 inch (17.4 meters)
Wingspan: 165 feet, 4 1/2 inches (50 meters)
Speed: 619 mph (Mach 0.825)
Ceiling: 42,000 feet (12,727 meters)
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 590,000 pounds (265,500 kilograms)
Maximum Useable Fuel: 342,000 Pounds
  • All fuel is usable or transferable via either boom or probe and drogue refueling
  • Fifteen aircraft are modified with two wing-mounted air refueling pods which allow for simultaneous operations with probe equipped aircraft.
  • Range: 4,400 miles (3,800 nautical miles) with cargo;
    11,500 miles (10,000 nautical miles) without cargo
    Unit Cost: $86.3 million (1992 dollars)
    Crew: Four (aircraft commander, pilot, flight engineer and boom operator)
    Crew Ratio 3.5 crews per aircraft
    2.0 crews per aircraft (active duty)
    1.5 crews per aircraft (associate reserve)
    Date Deployed: March 1981
    Inventory: Active force, 59; ANG, 0; Reserve, 0

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