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Fighters - Missing Numbers

The Groom Lake program, instituted in the mid-1970s was highly successful and used a series of code names prefixed by Have-. The word `Have’ in project names such as HAVE DOUGHNUT (MiG-21) or HAVE BLUE (the prototype for the F-117 stealth fighter) simply mark the project as belonging to AFSC. The aircraft bore US designations prefixed by YF- with numbers ranging from around 110 to 118 with letter suffixes. For example, YF-114C may have been a MiG-17F used in the Have Ferry program.

HAVE DOUGHNUT, HAVE DRILL and HAVE FERRY should be seen in the context of their times. In the US, conflict between a conservative regime and a growing number of anti-Vietnam protesters had spread from the campuses to the streets, and federal agencies were secretly investigating the loyalty of American citizens. In the skies of North Vietnam, MiG-17s and MiG-21s (especially the MiG-21s) were performing well against American warplanes.

YF-110BMiG-21-F13 HAVE DOUGHNUT (tail number 80695, later 007) ex-Iraqi AF, 1968; HAVE GLIB, HAVE IDEA
YF-110BMiG-21-F13 HAVE GLIB, HAVE IDEA (tail number 004), ex-Indonesian AF, built from parts, 1972-? ???
YF-110BMiG-21-F13 HAVE GLIB, HAVE IDEA (tail number 010), ex-Indonesian AF, built from parts, 1972-? ???
YF-110CMiG-21-F13/J-7B CONSTANT PEG (various tail numbers), ex-Indonesian AF, built from parts
YF-110DMiG-21MF HAVE COAT and CONSTANT PEG (?), 1980-1988
YF-110EClassified aircraft, HAVE PHOENIX, stores carriage and separation, circa 1991
YF-110LClassified aircraft, HAVE PHOENIX, stores carriage and separation, circa 1986-1992
YF-110MClassified aircraft, HAVE PHOENIX, stores carriage, separation, envelope expansion, circa 1986-1993
YF-112 Su-22
YF-112CPossibly Su-17 HAVE UP, 1979 [unconfirmed]
YF-113A MiG-17F/Lim-5M HAVE DRILL (tail number 055), ex-Syrian AF
YF-113B MiG-23BN HAVE PAD, ex-Egyptian AF, 1978
YF-113C MiG-17F/J-5 HAVE PRIVILEGE (tail number 1024), Chinese-built, Cambodian Khmer AF, 1970
YF-113C Classified aircraft tested circa 1992 as part of HAVE PHOENIX
YF-113EMiG-23MS HAVE PAD, ex-Egyptian AF, 1978-1987
YF-113G Classified prototype aircraft, flying qualities, avionics, circa 1993-1995, possibly a FME program
YF-113H Classified aircraft tested circa 1987-1988 as part of HAVE PHOENIX
YF-114C MiG-17F/Lim-5M HAVE FERRY (tail number 002), ex-Syrian AF, HAVE GLIB, and CONSTANT PEG
YF-114D MiG-17PF (tail number 008), HAVE GLIB, HAVE IDEA, circa 1972
YF-115skipped altogether ( ?)
YF-116 MiG-25
YF-116A Classified aircraft (HAVE LOAN ?), HAVE PHOENIX, performance, envelope expansion, avionics, propulsion, circa 1991-1992
YF-117A Lockheed SENIOR TREND FSD aircraft (tail numbers 780 through 784), 1981-2008
F-117A SENIOR TREND production aircraft (tail numbers 785 through 843), 1982-2008
YF-117D Northrop TACIT BLUE stealth technology demonstrator, 1982-1985
YF-118 MiG-29
YF-118G Boeing Bird of Prey stealth technology demonstrator. 1996-1999
YF-24A Classified prototype aircraft, circa 1997, referenced in the bio of test pilot Colonel Joseph Lanni, maybe just a typo, or maybe 1996 Boeing developed advanced tactical aircraft concept designated the Model-24F
YF-43B Classified prototype aircraft, circa ??? ?, or maybe just a typo for YP-43

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